My current body of work is inspired by the Arte Povera movement, itself a reaction to war - traditional themes and materials were abandoned, and surfaces were literally attacked. In my process I burn, tear, nail, and drill into my surfaces, continually building up and tearing down, and finding beauty in this expression of time passing. Each step is an intuitive reaction to the last. 

"Her imagery is suggestive of hand writing, scribbling and free, gestural drawing that has the feel of secret revelations. Although the marks and scratches that she employs suggest written texts they are more like lines of the behavior of thoughts and feelings released onto and into the wax surface.."
--David Raymond, 
Professor of Fine Arts and Director of McCoy Gallery, Merrimack College, 2016

"Harris, whose process is notational and whose concerns are related to language as well as science and spirituality, employs mark making in a way that is as much drawing as painting. Certainly she calls to mind Twombly with her cursive scrawls, but there is transcendence at work here: the poetry of ideas in an achromatic palette."
-- Joanne Mattera, 
The Incisive Line catalog, Ninth International Encaustic Conference, 2015
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